What Do You Really Know About Young Living?

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on May 31, 2017

WELCOME. Many of our classes are full of important information about oils that is vital to building our businesses. This is NOT one of those classes. This will not necessarily help you build your business, but we hope you learn some interesting facts about Young Living in a fun way that will help provide some background about the company that stands behind the oils we love so much and upon which we have come to depend. See how many of these answers you know!

Dr. Gary Young is a pioneer in the distillation and use of essential oils. He has spent more than 30 years researching the ancient ways and traditional methods of distilling essential oils from the last century. Having used essential oils for his personal journey, he has dedicated himself to maintaining the purity and quality of the oils Young Living makes available to its customers.

At the age of 18, Gary moved onto 320 acres 30 miles into the wilderness of British Columbia. In 1964, he began a logging operation and horse ranch.

A tree snapped and hit Gary in the head. He had 3 skull fractures. His spinal cord was ruptured in 3 places and 11 discs were ruptured. He had 16 broken/crushed vertebrae and a broken pelvis. His right shoulder blade was broken into 9 pieces. The nerves that affected his shoulder, arm and hands were severed. He was in severe pain even while taking morphine. He was confined to a wheelchair and had use of only his left arm. He was told he would never walk again. It took 13 years of debilitating pain and frustration for him to progress from wheelchair to walker to crutches to cane to slow, painful walking.
His father came to see him in the hospital and told him to quit feeling sorry for himself and whining. It made Gary SO mad, he became determined to walk again; no matter what it took. (Perhaps that was his father’s motivation in making the comments he did).

Young Living uses all of the methods mentioned to ensure the best yield and highest quality for each individual oil they process.
Dr. Young traveled to France several times over a number of years to learn the historical process the french use to distill lavender. One famous medical doctor would not talk to Dr. Young about his process because he felt Gary was a young upstart who did not appreciate the old ways. When Dr. Young proved to him he was willing to do even the most menial tasks in order to learn, the doctor took him under his wing and taught him what he knew about distillation.
Dr. Young brought the process home and worked to improve it. His original mentor in France, Dr. Noel, commented years later, after seeing Gary’s operation in Utah, “The student has become the teacher!”

Young Living works with experts to ensure seeds and plants used in cultivation are the correct ones and will produce the greatest benefits to users. Young Living carefully controls the health of the soil through proper composting, natural fertilizers, crop rotation and the amount of water through rain and/or irrigation, as well as monitoring daily sun and temperatures. They monitor every step of the distillation process and support ancient and modern techniques for steam distillation of plants, hydrodistillation of tree resins, and cold pressing of the rinds of fruits. Each batch of oils is tested with as many as 9 different tests to ensure quality.

When Gary Young returned from France after studying the work of medical doctors, he brought 13 oils with him which he began using for experiments. However, the first plants he actually used for testing were lavender, peppermint, and thyme. There were no books written in English concerning essential oils at that time. So, Dr. Young was truly a pioneer in the studying of essential oils. He began infusing some of the herbal supplements he sold at his wellness center and people scoffed. However, those who used the supplements began to spread the word about the benefits they experienced and more and more people wanted what he had.
In 1990 Gary was lecturing at a Whole Life Expo in Anaheim, CA. Jean-Noel Landel was visiting from France and talked to Gary then for the first time. A month later Gary went to Paris and spent time in their home. Gary showed Jean-Noel how to massage their son’s feet with Lavender to quiet him and help him fall asleep….and how to do Vita-Flex to enhance the oils. In 1992 Gary took the first group of members to France to see the lavender fields and distillation.

He was a “one man band”. From Monday through Thursday he answered the phone and took orders. He then packed the orders and had them ready for shipping. He filled the oil bottles by hand in his lab and hand wrote the labels. Thursday evenings, he would put the answering machine on and fly to a different city and travel with his members and friends doing meetings to grow this new business. Sunday night he returned home to get ready for the orders that he hoped would arrive starting on Monday. Once a month, he spread out all orders and hand-figured commissions.

Young Living reached a billion dollars in sales with over one million members in 133 countries throughout the world.

Dr. Young moved to Spokane, WA in 1989 and then moved the operation to Riverton, Utah in 1993. Presently, global headquarters are in Lehi, Utah with manufacturing in Spanish Fork, Utah. Young Living has offices in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, Ecuador, Mexico, Croatia, and the US which, as of 2015, employ about 2,500 people. They have eight farms and distilleries in six countries with many partner and cooperative farms around the world that supply the essential oils that are the foundation of the Seed to Seal process. With a new warehouse expansion completed in March 2016, it was expected that Young Living could increase filling capacity from 300,000 bottles a day to 500,000 bottles a day.

Well, how did you do? Did you learn anything about Young Living and Dr. D. Gary Young? What did you learn that you didn’t know before?
If you would like to learn more, you can do what I did and read the book written by Mary Young entitled, “D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils”. It is available from Young Living or Life Science Publishing.

As we close tonight, here is a look at the new Young Living Headquarters currently under construction! This design was unveiled at the 2016 Young Living Convention and will include rooftop trees and lavender landscaping.

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