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Welcome to our look at the Essential Rewards program! We are so glad you could set aside the time to join us. I hope you learn a lot and have some fun in this event. 🙂

Here is a wonderful testimony about Essential Rewards and a chance to meet Shannon Carroll, the dear friend (and our gold leader) who introduced me to essential oils.

Essential Rewards is an optional, monthly auto-ship program offered by Young Living. We sometimes call it “Christmas Every Month” or “Happy Day” because it’s SUPER exciting to get a box of wellness treasures shipped to our door every month!
For many of us, we are not spending extra money each month. Instead, we are “transfer-buying” ~ so instead of getting our laundry soap, dish soap, personal care products and cleaning products (and several things for our health) at the store, we now get them from Young Living. AND we get points back for free products at YL! Walmart never offered me that! 🙂 AND we know that what we are buying from YL is all-natural and the best, quality ingredients for our families.
Also, to truly see results with your oils, you need to be CONSISTENT with using them. Essential Rewards helps us all continue to use our products consistently so we can see results with our individual wellness goals.

Our FAVORITE part about Essential Rewards is all the FREE YL products we get through the points back feature! It’s just like the “Kohl’s Cash” or “Cash-back card” concept.
So the first 3 months you’re on Essential Rewards, you’ll earn 10% of your order back in “points.”
Months 4-24, you’ll earn 20% of your order back!
Months 25 and beyond, you’ll earn 25% of your order back in points.
Typically 1 point = $1 in Young Living products.
So month 1, if you spend $80 in YL products, you’ll earn 8 points back! Say you’re in month 15 of consecutive ER purchases and you spend $100 in YL products, you’ll earn 20 points back! You can cash these points in on YL purchases. This is how we’ve gotten over $2,000.00 in FREE YL products over the past couple of years. #score
If you’re on ER, tell us what percentage you’re earning back right now OR share with us how much $$$ you’ve earned in free YL products.
If you’re not on ER, tell us what YL product you’d get for FREE first!

In addition to the points back to get free YL products, you can also earn LOYALTY gifts for staying on Essential Rewards for consecutive months. This company is SO generous!
*Note, if you stop Essential Rewards and then re-enroll later, you will not continue to get the Loyalty Gifts . Also, sometimes you’ll get a different gift of an equivalent value.

Here is a wonderful video from our Royal Crown Diamond Courtney Critz explaining ER. She does a great job of concisely explaining ER in a step-by-step process.

Minimum order of 50 PV each month
First of all, PV stands for point value – and every YL product has a point value. Usually 1 PV = $1.
Each Essential Rewards order needs to be a 50 PV minimum in order to qualify for points back and loyalty gifts.
Again, I’d rather spend $50 on my wellness than racking up doctors’ bills and not-so-fun expenses, ya know? In fact, 50 PV is really easy if you have wellness goals in mind.
If 50 PV is ever a struggle to purchase, we recommend asking friends or family to place some orders with you. You can offer them free shipping and your wholesale discount (if you want) and take up orders to equal your 50 PV order! This way you maintain your percentage of points back and loyalty gifts, which all equal FREE YL PRODUCTS!!

Not sure what to get on your next Essential Rewards order? Here are some incredible bundle options! (And several of these would make great gifts!)

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I change what’s in my cart and my auto-ship date each month?
YES!!! That’s the beauty of ER! I change what I get each month and I move the date around each month as well to fit MY needs. Just make sure you go in to your virtual office to change it, or you will get the same thing on the same day as last month. You can also call customer service to make any changes. (1-800-371-3515)

2. Can I cancel Essential Rewards?
YES!! You can cancel anytime. Just be sure to use your points before you cancel!
3. What happens if I cancel Essential Rewards but then re-join later?
You can TOTALLY do this! Just realize you’ll start over at month 1 of percentage points earned and you will not get the Loyalty gifts.

4. Do my points expire?
YES. Points will expire if you do not use them within 12 months. But I can’t imagine anyone going that long without using their free points. 🙂

5. When can I spend my points?
After being on Essential Rewards for 2 consecutive months, you can cash in your points on YL products.

6. How do I spend my points?
You’ll need to create a Quick Order (you can have as many Quick Orders a month as you want!). When you get to the payment screen, click Essential Rewards points to apply them to your balance.

7. How many ER orders can I have a month?
We are all allowed 1 ER order every month. So we try to get as much on our ER order as we think we will need – so we can get more points back! You can have unlimited Quick Orders.

How to set up Essential Rewards
You can always call Customer Service to update your order or sign up for Essential Rewards. Just have your member number and 4-digit pin ready. CS number is 1-800-371-3515. You can also hop on Live Chat!
Or ~ log in to your Virtual Office (www.youngliving.com/vo) and set up your ER order following the instructions in this graphic.
Also be sure to set up your PV Assistant so your order never goes below the amount you specify in case of something going out of stock during processing.

We get pretty excited each month to see the Promos released from Young Living! It means….MORE FREE PRODUCTS!!! 🙂 Here are the free products you can earn with your qualifying purchases in September 2017.
I got ALL the free products with my September ER order, plus over 60 points back to spend on future purchases, PLUS a Loyalty Gift! #winwin
Who else is getting things for free this month?

We love ER so much! Here is our story about our experience with ER. How have you benefited, or what benefits do you hope to receive from joining the ER program?

Thank you for joining us tonight! We’ve loved hanging out with all of you and talking about some of our favorite things. 🙂 I hope you’ve had fun and learned a lot.
I hope you are all seeing wonderful results as you work toward your wellness goals! If you need help finding products to reach those goals please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to do whatever I can to help you get there!

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