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on April 5, 2017

Shining Light



What are eo
Essential oils capture the “essence” of the plant. With the exception of the cold-pressed citrus oils, essential oils are steam distilled from virtually any part of a plant. We certainly believe they are a gift from God! Their molecules are small enough that they can easily enter each of our cells, including passing through the blood-brain barrier. Pharmaceutical companies have been struggling for years to get most drugs to do that! And no “volatile” does not mean they are about to explode 🙂 Volatile compounds are able to evaporate into the air easily so that we can smell them.

We are proud to be part of a company that is truly international. Founded by D. Gary Young over 20 years ago, Young Living just had their first billion dollar sales year and don’t show any signs of stopping!

Seed to seal
This is one of the biggest reasons people choose Young Living over any other company. Seed to Seal means they own the entire process from a seed going into the ground, all the way through the bottle of oil that leaves on the FedEx truck. It is never out of their control. So they can guarantee only the highest quality, pure essential oils are sold under their label. You can check out Seed to Seal to learn more! Take a moment to watch one of the 5 videos on the website and comment below with your favorite take away!

Kit oils
Young Living has hundreds of products, but tonight we will focus on just the 11 included in the Premium Starter Kit. These are therapeutic grade oils, from plants grown organically, and carefully distilled at the lowest viable temperature. Gary Young has said he never makes an oil for profit but rather for a purpose.

This was one of the first oils I wanted to get. We love peppermint! It has a powerful, invigorating scent and many wonderful uses. I like to use it to help during those long afternoons when I need help staying alert. It can also be a lovely addition to brownies or hot chocolate.

This oil is amazing for calming and relaxation. Some people refer to lavender as the “Swiss army knife of oils” due to its virtually endless uses. It has been used by the skincare industry for many years to boost the effectiveness of their products. Lavender is also one of the oils we use in our sleep cream.

A key ingredient in both Thieves and NingXia Red. This oil has a wonderful, citrus scent without the acidity of lemon juice. You can use it to help with cleaning. I’ve gotten some spots off of my piano keys that wouldn’t budge with anything else. It may also help support a healthy immune system. If you enjoy doing research, be sure to look up limonene, one of the key constituents of lemon oil. It has shown some very interesting results in a number of research studies.

This was one of the first blends of oils I fell in love with. I keep a roller ball on one of my bottles. Wintergreen gives it a stimulating aroma. Great to massage into tired muscles after exercise. This is one oil that would not be recommended to ingest.

This blend of oils has a spicy aroma thanks to cinnamon and clove. This is a great oil for maintaining overall wellness and system support. We use this as part of our immunity blend to help keep up our immune systems, and make a hot “tea” with it every evening. Young Living has created an entire line of products around the Thieves blend that could take up its own class! 🙂

Stress Away
This was one of my new favorites when I got my kit. Everyone needs this! This is the only oil that contains vanilla. Also includes lime and lavender to help promote relaxation and reduce tension. Roll on the neck, wrists, or temples.

The Premium Starter Kit also includes these 5 oils: Frankincense, Purification, RC, Digize, and Copaiba. We’ll give you a minute to read a little about these. We’ll also discuss these more in depth in a future class.

My class wouldn’t be complete without discussing NingXia Red! This is one oil-infused product I don’t EVER want to go a day without. I’m convinced this has had a profound impact on our wellness.

The “Heart” of NingXia is the goji berry or wolfberry. It is one of the strongest antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable. Free radicals have been linked to premature aging and other disease states. Antioxidants help neutralize those free radicals. The sustained energy we have found from this has been a tremendous value. Some people also enjoy adding a drop of oil to enhance the flavor further.

The Premium Starter Kit not only includes these 11 oils. You will also receive a diffuser, 2 sample packets of NingXia Red, 1 rollerball (I like to keep 1 on PanAway), 10 essential oil sample packets, and 10 small sample bottles for sharing! This is by far the best value starting out. To buy everything separately would run you over $300, but a kit starts at only $160. As the multitude of testimonials will attest, the return on this investment in not only physical but also emotional wellness is worth far more than what you spend.

We’re so grateful you could take the time to join us! We hope you’ve learned something new. I would be glad to talk with you and help you get started on your oily journey. My Young Living Member Number is 2562756

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