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on June 16, 2018

Young Living International Convention 2018

We are extremely excited to introduce the new products from the 2018 Young Living International Convention!

Freedom is the new theme blend for the 2018 convention. This blend includes RutaVaLa, Sacred Frankincense, Palo Santo, Copaiba, Idaho Blue Spruce, Vetiver, and Peppermint. I can’t wait to try this one!

Journey On was originally created by Gary Young for the World Peace Caravan. It is now being released to members in celebration of his life and vision. This blend of 34 oils includes the popular blends Dream Catcher™, Motivation™, and Immupower™. The inspiring, earthy aroma can create a grounding environment as we remember Gary’s vision to celebrate what makes us unique and promote greater whole-body wellness.

Kunzea is this year’s new single oil! Kunzea ambigua is native to the South Pacific, specifically around the islands of Australia and Tasmania. This oil includes constituents found in both Pine and Eucalyptus, producing similar uses to Tea Tree but with a more pleasant scent, while also being gentler on skin.

I can’t wait to get this diffuser! It looks absolutely beautiful. This diffuser shares the same base as the Desert Mist Diffuser, but with a lovely metal and glass design rather than a plastic dome. This means it still shares the same color choices, candle flicker, and up to 10-hour run time we’ve come to love with the Desert Mist in a sturdy, metal design.

If you’re like me sometimes the shiny texture of the Diamond Dust makeup can be a little much, especially with the warmer summer temperatures. Now we have a matte option, as well! As with all of the Savvy Minerals line, these products are all plant-based and contain no talc, bismuth, phthalates, etc.

This brush looks lovely! I can’t wait to try it.

I love the Cinnamint™ lip balm! Now we have lipsticks infused with Cinnamint™! As an added bonus, these new lipsticks are also vegan-friendly without any beeswax.

Everyone at convention was very excited when these new pressed eyeshadows were announced. The vibrant colors looks absolutely lovely. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Another new addition to the Savvy Minerals line is 2 new primers. The Mattifying Primer is formulated to help control oily skin, while the Hydrating Primer is wonderful to help add moisture to drier skin types.

When Young Living first announced their new mascara last year everyone was ecstatic! The results, however, were less than stellar. Young Living surveyed their customers and went back to the drawing board. This year we have a newly redesigned mascara including lavender oil to help it glide more easily, and promote lash growth.

A very exciting new product this year is a SPF 50 sunscreen. This new formula uses non-nano zinc oxide that will not penetrate the skin and is also reef safe. This sunscreen will also not clog pores and is hypoallergenic. What is even more exciting is we are FDA compliant to say that “when used as directed with other skin protection measure it decreases the risk of skin cancer”!

I wish we had this a few years ago when my kids were going through their teen years! This maximum strength acne treatment uses salicylic acid from wintergreen to help prevent acne, blemishes, and blackheads, while the additional essential oils help maintain hydration and moisture preventing the skin from drying out.

These wonderful reformulated Orange Blossom products have been redesigned to remove wheat germ allowing customers with a gluten sensitivity to enjoy these wonderful products. If you have oily skin you will definitely want to check these out!

I’m looking forward to trying this new cereal. Einkorn grain provides a low-gluten alternative for gluten-sensitive customers and is also non-GMO. This cereal is sweetened using organic coconut sugar.

This massive 5-lb. bag can be ground up to make low-gluten flour, or the wheat berries can be used whole as a salad base or in place of things like rice or quinoa. I’m excited to see what they are like!

This wonderful new KidScents™ product includes both a prebiotic to nourish helpful bacteria as well as a probiotic providing 8 billion live cultures in a convenient pouch! This is sweetened with xylitol rather than sugar. So there is no sugar rush or cavities, and the prebiotic uses fiber from wolfberries! Every kid wants their Pixie Stix!

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