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on May 9, 2016

One of my favorite ways to use my Young Living essential oils is in my diffuser! We have completely replaced the need for candles or plug-ins of any kind in our house. Instead we use therapeutic grade oils to permeate our rooms, fill our senses and support our family’s wellness!

Because so many of you enjoy your diffusers, I thought I’d share an online presentation my team and I put together as a means to provide continued education about the different kinds of diffusers out there, how they work and some fun recipes we enjoy.

This is Post #2 in my Diffuser series. The previous post covered the topics of all the Young Living Diffusers, how they work and the science of diffusing. In this post, we’ll look at cleaning your diffuser as well as some fun recipes you will love to try in your diffuser!


Cleaning Your Diffuser
How often do you clean your diffuser?



Here’s a great video that explains how to clean your diffuser.
Cleaning Your Diffuser


Recipes To Try In Your Diffuser
All of these recipes were used with permission. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments!

Chocolate mint

Frayed Nerves



Peaceful Calming Blend

PSK Recipes

Root Beer Float




Don’t have a diffuser? Getting a Premium Starter Kit is the best way to start! Talk to the person who shared this blog link with you – or I’d be happy to get you started!

Go to www.youngliving.com and choose “Become a Member.” Enter #2562756 as sponsor and enroller, and you’ll be on your way to a life of wellness, purpose and abundance!


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