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on May 9, 2016

One of my favorite ways to use my Young Living essential oils is in my diffuser! We have completely replaced the need for candles or plug-ins of any kind in our house. Instead we use therapeutic grade oils to permeate our rooms, fill our senses and support our family’s wellness!

Because so many of you enjoy your diffusers, I thought I’d share an online presentation my team and I put together as a means to provide continued education about the different kinds of diffusers out there, how they work and some fun recipes we enjoy.


The Various Young Living Diffusers

Home and Dewdrop Diffusers
Here’s a great tutorial video by Natalie and Kendal Shelton that demonstrates how to use both of these diffusers. They’ll also give you a few helpful tips!
Home and Dewdrop Diffuser Demonstration

Rainstone Diffuser
This amazing diffuser is now available to include with the Premium Starter Kit!


Aria Diffuser
Bring the spa to your home!


AromaLux Diffuser
Here’s a video describing this amazing diffuser. WOW!
AromaLux Diffuser
Bamboo Diffuser

Young Living Mini Diffusers
There’s never a reason to be somewhere without a diffuser!


Comparisons of Young Living Diffusers


These fliers can be found in the “Member Resources” section of your Young Living Virtual Office (for current members). There you can print it out and use as a reference or to share with others.

Here’s a link to see all the diffuser accessories that Young Living offers!
YL Diffuser Accessories

It’s an amazing deal that diffusers are included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit!


As you can see, we have access to so many awesome tools to use with our essential oils.

The Science of Diffusing
“Inhaling essential oils directly influences the control center of the brain, the hypothalamus. This area sends instructions through our body concerning sleep patterns, mood, behavior, appetite and the release of certain hormones.” ~ The Baby Steps Team Guide


Check out Post #2 with cleaning tips and recipes. Share in the comments your favorite diffuser so far!

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