Celebrating an Oily Lifestyle

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on May 16, 2017


1. Welcome to our celebration! We are in celebration mode at the Outler household as we celebrate our son Christopher’s birthday and Mother’s Day this weekend (and recently celebrated our daughter’s birthday, as well). What are you celebrating this weekend at your house?


2. We have so much to celebrate! Faith, Family, Life…! Another thing we celebrate at our house is a company called Young Living. Why you may ask? Because of the wellness, purpose, and abundance provided by their amazing products, compensation plan, and team support. Young Living has truly helped us find a healthier, more supported lifestyle. Tonight we’ll take more of a general overview of Young Living.


3. Young Living offers a variety of products that are 100% all-natural and toxin-free. We have benefited from the enhanced wellness and immune support we gain through Young Living’s essential oils.

4. We use our oils in a variety of ways. We enjoy them aromatically, apply them topically, and take them internally. One of the most popular aromatic uses is in a diffuser. You may also enjoy putting a drop in your hands and cupping them near your nose for a more concentrated aroma. I apply oils topically in various creams and lotions we create. Many oils can be wonderfully uplifting in a glass of water. Always remember to use glass, stainless steel, or ceramic containers when adding oils to a drink!


5. NingXia Red! These graphics give you some great info about NingXia. I won’t go a day without it! I am absolutely convinced that NingXia Red has boosted our immune systems and supplies a daily sustained energy that gets me through the afternoon slump. It’s great to try a drop of different oils in my NingXia! Take a moment to look over the graphics at the incredible ingredients, including wolfberries (goji berries).




6. Young Living offers many supplements that range from multivitamins to age-based nutrition and weight management—all those things we need to help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


7. Additionally, Young Living also has a variety of wonderful personal care and household items! Young Living is committed to producing toxin-free, oil-infused products for our daily needs.

8. You may be wondering, “Why Oils? Why Young Living? What’s the purpose?” We’ve already looked at some of Young Living’s amazing products. Young Living is a leader in essential oils with over 20 years’ experience—a billion dollar, debt-free company. They are also the only company with a Seed to Seal guarantee!!



9. What is Seed to Seal? Seed to Seal means Young Living owns or oversees the entire process from the seeds being planted, through distillation/oil production, until a sealed bottle of oil is shipped out the door. That is why Young Living is the only company I trust for my family’s “oily needs.” You can visit seedtoseal.com to learn more!

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10. We also want to celebrate teamwork today! We are so privileged to be part of a group, an oily family, that offers awesome support and mentorship. New friendships are grown here! You are not alone on your oily journey. We have a wonderful group of people to teach and mentor you!


11. Why do we share about oils & Young Living? Because we care! We care about you! We have gained so many benefits from essential oils, and we want others to enjoy those benefits, as well. We truly believe that everyone who tries these oils will be hooked if they give them a chance. Who doesn’t want greater wellness & support, a greater purpose?!

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12. Ministry goals, preparing for retirement, leaving a real legacy—these are just a few reasons we share Young Living. We’ll be talking about the generous compensation plan Young Living provides a little later.


13. One of the ministries that we want to help over the next couple of months is a work and witness team from our church going to Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center. Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center is a compassionate ministry center located in Cactus, TX. This diverse area hosts more than 20 nationalities/ethnicities, primarily refugees and immigrants from Central America, Myanmar, and Africa. CNMC provides English classes, legal assistance, after-school programs, family services, and more.

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14. What would you do if you had the extra money to make it happen? What goals could you fulfill? Some people just want to have money to cover the cost of their oils. Others have bigger dreams they want to turn into reality! What could you accomplish with a steady monthly income that actually helps people improve their lives?
Income disclosure

15. Young Living provides a generous compensation plan. Take a look at this most recent Income Disclosure Statement. Look at some of those monthly income averages. What possibilities could that open up? I’d be happy to talk further with you about the Young Living business possibilities.

ER Friends


16. It’s like Christmas every month when we receive our Essential Rewards order! Essential Rewards is Young Living’s monthly order program that generates points every month based on your order. Those points turn into FREE products. In addition, you get lower shipping costs on every order! Take a look over these graphics for more information.

What's in your ER

17. Who else pays you to shop? I love ER! I just wish I had started on ER sooner! To date, we have received over $1,000 in free products in the last 22 months!! What a great opportunity to try out some new products.

18. At the conclusion of this class, come back here and watch an 11-minute video explaining Essential Rewards by our Royal Crown Diamond Courtney Critz. Good stuff! 😉


19. So how do you get started with these incredible products and opportunities? The best way is the Premium Starter Kit (PSK). It’s definitely the best value! You can see in this picture all of the items included in the kit. You get an ultrasonic diffuser, 11 essential oils (5 ml bottles), and 2 sample packets of NingXia Red! The PSK also includes some sample packets and bottles for sharing your new oily passion with your friends & family!


20. When you are ready to get started be sure to talk to the person who invited you! I would be more than happy to help however I can! Just leave a comment below, and be sure to join us for our next class to learn more about some of the specific oils available from Young Living.


21. Thank you so much for joining us this evening! We’ve enjoyed our time together. If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below, and I will do my best to get an answer. What is your favorite thing you’ve learned?

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